Picture Map of the Holy Land (Harold Brown c.1928) Extra-Large Israel Poster

Picture Map of the Holy Land (Harold Brown c.1928) Extra-Large Israel Poster

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Publisher: Avenue A Cards Inc.
Size: 27.5" x 39"
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Item #: AAC-AM7021

A colorful, historic, spiritual, and geographical look at The Holy Land, Israel, the Jewish homeland! This spectacular oversized poster features a reprint of a 1928 map by Harold Haven Brown, as published by R.R. Bowker Company of New York. Published during the period where the region was called the British Mandate of Palestine, this one has it all: the route of the ancient Israelites from Rameses in Egypt to the River Jordan, the walls of Jericho, and Jerusalem; the regions of the 12 tribes; the surrounding lands belonging to Egypt, the Philistines, the Amorites, and the Phoenicians; key locations from the biblical narrative; inset maps of Jerusalem, the regional watershed, and the region's relative elevations; contemporary details including the Hejaz Railway; and countless additional details too numerous to mention. With its Art Deco stylings, geographical accuracy, and historical references, this is both a beautiful decorative poster, and a powerful historical document! This rare poster is impossible to find in stores; order yours now for direct home or office delivery.

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