K2 The Mountaineer's Mountain Wall Chart Poster - Yumz

K2 The Mountaineer's Mountain Wall Chart Poster - Yumz

  • USD $29.95
Publisher: Yumz Corp., New Zealand, 2003
Size: 26¾" x 37½"
Condition: Brand-new.

Item #: YU-02

the mountaineer's mountain
viewed from the southeast (Pakistan)

It's 28,268 feet of mountaineering paradise - K2, the ultimate adventure! This poster, imported from New Zealand exclusively by SportsPosterWarehouse.com, features everything there is to know about this centerpiece of the Himalayas. Atop a spectacular photograph of the mountain are countless pieces of information regarding K2: a list of "firsts", including the the first attempted climb in 1902 by Aleister Crowley, and the first ascent in 1954 by Achille Compagnoni and Lino Lacedelli; all main climbing routes, including the Polish Route, Japanese Route, Abruzzi Spur, and the "Magic Line"; and all the main historical markers and key locations. If you have ever attempted to climb K2, or if you have a dream of one day reaching this summit at the top of the world, this print is for you! A rare beauty you will likely NEVER find in stores.

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