Pregnancy Exercises Workout 2-Poster Professional Wall Chart Combo - Productive Fitness

  • USD $44.95
Publisher: Productive Fitness Inc.
Size: 2 Individual Posters, Size 24" x 36" Each
Condition: Brand New!


What to do when you're expecting - sit around and wait? No way, ladies - pre-natal exercise isn't just an option, it's a must! From the spectacular Productive Fitness series of professional health club wall charts, this pair of instructional posters features the ideal set of stretches and exercises tailored specifically for the pregnant woman. With exclusive true-life photography, attractive graphic design, guides on how to perform each move correctly, and many more professional fitness tips, these two charts will help get you through the big day healthy and happy by building strength and flexibility, while avoiding injury. Seen on the walls of better health clubs and gyms around the world, and now available for your home gym! Limited quantity of this unique poster set is available now on a first-come, first-served basis - grab yours now!

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