Map of the Roman Empire circa 180 CE Premium Wall Poster - Useful Charts

Map of the Roman Empire circa 180 CE Premium Wall Poster - Useful Charts

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Publisher: Useful Charts
Size: 24" x 36"
Condition: Brand New! Printed on premium-quality heavy print stock.

Item #: UC-13

Bring your wall alive with the Roman Empire, at the height of its glory! This spectacular map, "Senatus Populusqve Romanus", was compiled by noted artist Jerry M. Wilson, and carefully illustrates the Empire as it stood at the passing of Marcus Aurelius in 180 CE. With "Mare Internum" (the Mediterranean Sea) at center, the map color-codes all the Senatorial Provinces, Imperial Provinces, Roman Vassal States, and Parthian territories, and labels all Provincial Capitals, major cities, geographical landmarks and regions, seas, rivers, and other highlights. From Britannia to Arabia, Rome to Ankara, the German frontier to Palestina, Egypt to Albania, Dalmatia to Lusitania, and so much more, it's all here - a fascinating look back at a long-lost era of human civilization. From Vancouver-based historian Matt Baker's Useful Charts company, this map is printed on premium-quality gallery stock for durability and attractiveness - a true treasure for any lover of classical history, Rome, maps, and the world. Seen in better classrooms, libraries, museums, and homes worldwide - add it to your décor today!

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