Chicago, Illinois 1874 Classic Aerial Panorama Premium Poster Reproduction  (Parsons and Atwater)

Chicago, Illinois 1874 Classic Aerial Panorama Premium Poster Reproduction (Parsons and Atwater)

  • USD $44.95
Publisher: McGaw Graphics Inc. Printed in USA.
Size: 23" x 32"
Condition: Brand New! Premium-Quality Giclee Poster Print.

Item #: BM-P4159-5P

An absolutely stunning work of wall art for lovers of America's legendary "Second City" - Chicago, Illinois! Take a step back in time to a golden age in the history of The Windy City, the 1870s, when the thriving metropolis was still recovering from the Great Fire, but looking better than ever as it emerges into the modern industrial era. This is a breathtaking reproduction of an 1874 Currier & Ives print that now resides in the Library of Congress, which was originally drawn on stone by the mapmakers Parsons & Atwater. The city of the era is brought to life from a bird's-eye perspective, sketched in outline while hovering above in a balloon basket, then completed and colored in a studio with endless detail. With sprawling Cook County laid out before your eyes from the edge of Lake Michigan, you get all the Chicago geographical and man-made landmarks of the era: Lake Park and the Crystal Palace; Lincoln Park and the North Avenue Beach; the hectic Chicago River entrance and waterway; steam ships and sailboats on the harbor; the rail yards with their giant warehouses; historic Gardiner House, Palmer House, Farwell's Building, Grace Episcopal Church, the old New England Congregational Church; all the old downtown tenement blocks; and all the suburban and exurban farm land as far as the eye can see. Noted for their sharp detail and unique 19th century style, these aerial maps of the era are absolutely beautiful, bringing both class and history to your wall. Complete with original-font titling and landmark labels, you won't believe how amazing this looks! A rare vintage classic for your wall, printed on premium-quality stock with vivid giclee inks published in exclusive short-runs for enhanced desirability. Bring old-school Chicago alive again! Perfect for home, office, classroom, bar, restaurant, or public facility.

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