New Orleans Saints "44 Yard Line" Superdome Gameday Panoramic Poster Print - Everlasting Images

New Orleans Saints "44 Yard Line" Superdome Gameday Panoramic Poster Print - Everlasting Images

  • USD $49.95
Publisher: Everlasting Images Inc.
Size: 13½" x 39" Panorama
Condition: Brand-New. Printed on premium-quality photographic paper stock.

Item #: EI376

44 Yard Line
September 9, 2010

A Panoramic View in New Orleans, Louisiana - The Rob Arra Collection

A glorious return to action for the Super Bowl champions! This spectacular print takes you to opening day of the title defense season - one of the most-anticipated grudge-matches in years, as the Minnesota Vikings looked for revenge after their NFC Championship Game defeat to the Saints just eight months earlier. With a raucous, packed house on hand to witness the unveiling of the Super Bowl XLIV Championship banner, and the 4th-quarter clock ticking down on another big-time win for Drew Brees and the boys...SNAP! The moment is preserved for all-time, and is now available for your wall!

Featuring the work of legendary panoramic stadium photographer Rob Arra, this huge print features an inside view of the action on that day. From the fans in the stands, to the action on the field, to the sideline entourages, to the retired number banners hanging on high (#8 Archie Manning, #7 Pete Maravich, #57 Rickey Jackson, Jim Finks, Dave Dixon, and Eddie Robinson), to the massive video display boards above each end zone, it's all here, forever, in brilliant color and perfect focus for your wall! Printed on premium-quality gallery stock, and complete with slick white-bordered design that includes the above text, this is both a beautiful piece for the wall of home or office, and a valuable collector's item for years to come. Whether you are a die-hard football enthusiast, an attendee of the game that day, a life-long Saints fan, or simply a fan of big-time NFL football, this is the ultimate addition to your wall! Perfect for a nice frame and a prominent place at home or office.

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