Sportsman's Park Classic (St. Louis, MO 1946) Premium Poster Print - Photofile Inc.

Sportsman's Park Classic (St. Louis, MO 1946) Premium Poster Print - Photofile Inc.

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Publisher: Photofile Inc.
Size: 20" x 24"
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Item #: PF-L263

Sportsman's Park, St. Louis
Browns, 1902-1953 - Cardinals, 1920-1966

A true rarity for any fan of St. Louis sports, and legendary old ballparks! For generations of fans of the American League's St. Louis Browns, and the National League's St. Louis Cardinals, this was ground zero for baseball in the midwest: Sportsman's Park, the old bandbox in the historic Fairgrounds neighborhood. Each team spent the better part of five decades making history in the stadium pictured here in all its Golden Era glory! A vintage old-school classic, this takes you back to the era of Stan Musial, and gives you many of the park's unique and beautiful features, on one of its most historic dates - Game 2 of the 1946 World Series, as the Cardinals take on the Boston Red Sox, with the great Ted Williams at the plate: the tall wall surrounding the outfield; the giant scoreboard complex and its memorable ads for Hyde Park Beer, Falstaff, Gem razors, and Philip Morris cigarettes; the flagpole planted firmly in fair territory in center; the ringed pitcher's mound; and the jam-packed stands, in stunning black-and-white. With the commemorative graphic in the sky above, this is a truly spectacular beauty for your wall! A true work of history for the wall of any St. Louis sports fan - and, a rare exclusive you can't get anywhere else.

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