Detroit Tigers Tiger Stadium "From Above" (1999) Poster - Aerial Views Inc.

Detroit Tigers Tiger Stadium "From Above" (1999) Poster - Aerial Views Inc.

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Publisher: Aerial Views, 1999
Size: 22" x 28"
Condition: Brand-New! Printed on premium-quality gallery stock.

Item #: AV-003

Final Day, September 27, 1999
1912-1999 Detroit, Michigan

While Comerica Park is a fine place to watch a game, true baseball fans know the truth: there's no replacing Tiger Stadium! Often overlooked on lists of the great classic ballparks, the old lady at the corner of Michigan and Trumbull had it all: as many quirks as Fenway and Ebbets; the intimacy of Wrigley and Forbes; and a legacy of great stars and spectacular moments rivaling legendary Yankee Stadium. This incredible poster, featuring Mike Smith's spectacular aerial photography, gives us a breathtaking view of the final game at Tiger Stadium. Along with a broad view of the surrounding neighborhood, the downtown skyline, and the Detroit River, you get a truly unique look at the one-of-a-kind stadium from high above, as a packed house enjoyed one final day at the yard. A beauty for your wall, and a great collector's item, this poster is perfect for a nice frame and a prominent place on the wall at home or office!

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