Aerial Views Stadium Prints

For nearly 15 years now, Mike Smith has taken to the air around America, capturing the ballparks, stadiums, and other sporting venues of the country to perfection from the bird's eye view of the helicopter cockpit. Through his publishing company, Aerial Views Inc., Smith has made dozens of these breathtaking and historic shots available as 22' x 28' black-bordered prints, designed with quality and class, suitable for the most casual of home basements, or the most formal of executive suites. At The Sports Poster Warehouse, we are proud to stock and sell all of Smith's prints, and are proud to have shipped thousands to customers around the world over the years. If you are a fan or collector of the series, check back from time-to-time, as all new releases will appear here within days of official release. Questions or comments? E-mail us at Want to place an order? Order online by adding your desired items to your shopping cart, or order by phone at toll-free 1-888-650-3455.