Ozzie Smith "Head Over Heels" 1985 World Series Premium Poster Print - Photofile Inc.

Ozzie Smith "Head Over Heels" 1985 World Series Premium Poster Print - Photofile Inc.

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Publisher: Photofile Inc., Made in USA!
Size: 20" x 24"
Condition: Brand New! Printed on premium-quality matte photographic stock.

Item #: PF-L453

Ozzie Smith wasn't nicknamed The Wizard for nothing. He was serviceable with the bat, positively magical with the glove, but package it all together with his personality, passion, winning attitude, and he truly is, was, and always will be, a true baseball wizard! His wizardry included being a master showman, and it was never more apparent than at the start of a big game at home at Busch Stadium. He saved it for the big ones - Opening Day, All-Star Games, Playoff openers, and World Series home games. As the Cardinals took the field on such nights, Ozzie ran out like an Olympic gymnast, and did his head-over-heels flip routine to get his adrenaline pumping and the crowd energized!

Available exclusively from SportsPosterWarehouse.com, this amazing poster features one of those Head-over-Heels moments, this one from October 22, 1985 and the start of Game Three of the 1985 World Series. A truly iconic baseball moment that simply isn't repeated in this day and age! Printed on photographic-quality paper stock, decorated with the official National Baseball Hall of Fame and World Series 1985 logos, and complete with authentic MLB Properties holographic label, this is a true classic for your wall, and a rare collector's item for years to come. The perfect addition to your sports wall-of-fame, worthy of a nice frame and a prominent place at home, office, restaurant, bar, or baseball facility!

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