New York Yankees Yankee Stadium World Series 2009 Panoramic Poster(w/Facs. Sigs. - Everlasting (NY-262)

New York Yankees Yankee Stadium World Series 2009 Panoramic Poster(w/Facs. Sigs. - Everlasting (NY-262)

  • USD $49.95
Publisher: Everlasting Images, released November 2009
Size: 13.5" x 39"
Condition: Brand New! Printed on premium-quality gallery stock.

Item #: EI234

World Series 2009
October 28, 2009
A Panoramic View in Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY - The Rob Arra Collection

A new stadium, fantastic new superstars, incredible milestones, and a World Series Championship - what a year to be a Yankee fan! It's 8:00 pm on a crisp fall night, and the fans and players are ready to roll. With the field filled with the spectacle of the Opening Ceremonies of Game 1 of the 2009 World Series - SNAP! The moment is preserved for all-time, and is now available for your wall.

With this spectacular print, you are transported back to that glorious evening, bringing to life the anticipation and glory of the festivities preceding the start of what was to become the historic 27th World Championship. With the teams lining up on the baselines, and country star Keni Thomas belting out the national anthem, you can practically breathe in the air of anticipation! From the honor guard and their massive American flag, to the players, to the fans, to the perfectly-groomed playing surface, to the beautiful details of the stadium architecture, it's all here, in perfect color and precise detail from the legendary panoramic photographer Rob Arra. And, as an added bonus, printed on the border are authentic facsimile signatures from each player on the Yankees World Series roster, as well as Manager Joe Girardi - truly remarkable! Whether you attended the game in person, were watching on TV, are a life-long Yankees fan, or are simply a lover of great baseball photographic art, this print is for you! A true piece of history for your wall - a perfect centerpiece for your home or office, and a must-have item to add to your collection.

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