BOOK: "Yankee Stadium: Drama, Glamor, and Glory"

BOOK: "Yankee Stadium: Drama, Glamor, and Glory"

  • USD $19.95
Publisher: Viking Studio, a division of The Penguin Group, 2004
Size: 184 Pages
Condition: Brand-New!

Item #: BOOK-002

Commemorating the legendary original Yankee Stadium - The House that Ruth Built! This amazing 184-page retrospective book delves deep into the photographic archives, and probes the memories of countless historic players, to give you the ultimate tribute to Yankee Stadium for your collection. Written and compiled by life-long Manhattan sports lovers Ray Robinson and Christopher Jennison, it lovingly recreates the history of the ballpark, from its construction in 1923, and takes you through not only all the great baseball moments, but the various other sports and events as well - huge prize fights, Giants Football, evangelical revivals, and more! A must for any fan of the Yankees and the Stadium, this is a great addition to your collection, a valuable reference for all things Yankee Stadium, and a perfect gift item for the fan in your life.

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