Muhammad Ali - Ken Norton III (Yankee Stadium, 9-28-1976) Photofile Poster Print

Muhammad Ali - Ken Norton III (Yankee Stadium, 9-28-1976) Photofile Poster Print

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Publisher: Photofile Inc.
Size: 20" x 24"
Condition: Brand New! Printed on high-quality photographic stock.

Item #: PF-L273

Bring your wall alive with a legendary night in boxing history! This amazing photographic image is from September 28, 1976 at Yankee Stadium in New York - the night of the long-awaited "Ali-Norton III", the final big-time performance of Muhammad Ali's career. Ali was stung with a shocking defeat by the upstart Ken Norton in their first match in 1973, when Norton broke Ali's jaw and proceeded to win a split decision. Later that year, Ali got his revenge, winning his own split decision later that year. But it took three years, and a $6m purse, to bring the two back together again, and it was a night to remember at the gone-but-not-forgotten sporting cathedral, Yankee Stadium. Norton came out strong, and easily won the first few rounds. Then, the wily smarts of the veteran superstar started to win the day. After 14 rounds, Norton still appeared to have a slight advantage, but Ali played the agressor in the 15th as the crowd raged in appreciation, and in a controversial but popular split decision, The Greatest won his title back for the last time, and allowed him - on paper, at least - to claim for a lifetime that even his greatest challenger, Ken Norton, still ended his career with a losing record head-to-head.

Printed from the original photographic source in this huge 20"x24" edition exclusively for, this rare piece captures that fight like no other. The true ferocity of an Ali scorned is evident, as his unmistakeable glare says it all: I'm NOT going to lose this fight! Norton's body language also speaks volumes: I'm younger, I'm fitter, I'm winning, but I can't withstand the fury of a man posessed! Capping it off is the spectacular background - the ringside photographers, and the massive Yankee Stadium grandstand packed full of boxing fanatics from the sport's greatest era. Whether you're a fan of the sport of boxing, a lover of great sports photography, or a collector of all things Ali, this amazing print is for you!

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