Fenway Park 1999 All-Star Game "All-Century Players" Panoramic Poster Print - Everlasting Images

Fenway Park 1999 All-Star Game "All-Century Players" Panoramic Poster Print - Everlasting Images

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Publisher: Everlasting Images Inc., 1999
Size: 13½" x 39" Panorama
Condition: Brand New. Printed on high-quality photographic paper stock.

Item #: EI041

All Century Players
July 13, 1999
A panoramic view at Fenway Park, Boston, Massachusetts - The Rob Arra Collection

It was one of the most emotional moments in recent baseball history. Prior to the 1999 Midsummer Classic, Major League Baseball announced the 1999 All-Star teams along with candidates for the All-Century team. The final player introduced was none other than The Splendid Splinter, former Red Sox left fielder Ted Williams. As the sun set behind the Green Monster and the Citgo sign, there was barely a dry eye in the house as 80-year-old Williams was carted in from right field to cap off the ceremony. As the players on the field prepared to surround and welcome Williams in an emotional salute....SNAP! The moment was preserved for all-time, and is now available for your wall!

With this poster, you are transported back to that thrilling night at Fenway, when Williams was saluted and hometown hero Pedro Martinez started the game by striking out Barry Larkin, Larry Walker, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire in succession. Like all prints in photographer Rob Arra's Everlasting Images series, every single detail is in perfect focus, and as you pan across the image you feel like you are actually at the game. You can feel the emotion as you pan across the print, looking at all 34,187 fans on their feet, all 32 All-Century candidates on the field, the American and National League All-Star teams along the baselines, and one of the most historic venues in the game, Fenway Park. An amazing addition to your memorabilia collection, and a beautiful piece for the wall of any fan of the game - according to Arra, his favorite stadium photograph of his entire career!

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