Detroit Tigers Comerica Park First Pitch Panoramic Poster Print (2000) - Everlasting Images

Detroit Tigers Comerica Park First Pitch Panoramic Poster Print (2000) - Everlasting Images

  • USD $44.95
Publisher: Everlasting Images Inc., released May 2000
Size: 13½" x 39" Panorama
Condition: Brand New. Printed on high-quality heavy paper stock.

Item #: EI060

First Pitch
April 11, 2000
A panoramic view in Detroit, Michigan - The Rob Arra Collection

In with the new! After nearly a century of baseball at the corner of Michigan & Trumbull, the Detroit Tigers moved on up to the modern confines of Comerica Park. The opener was a typical April day in Detroit - cold and windy, suitable for hockey more than baseball. But the game was played, and the park officially opened. As Brian Moehler unleashed a fastball to Seattle Mariners' leadoff batter Mark McLemore...SNAP! The moment is preserved for all-time, and is now available for your wall.

With this poster, you are transported back to that historic moment in Detroit sports history. Like all prints in photographer Rob Arra's Everlasting Images series, every single detail is in perfect focus, and as you pan across the image you feel like you are actually at the game. You can see the classic-style scoreboard in left; the Tiger Stadium-like flagpole in center; the standing-room-only walkways in center and right; the action on the field as Tigers stars Tony Clark, Dean Palmer, Deivi Cruz, Juan Gonzalez and Bobby Higginson await a play; and the dozens of flashbulbs that lit up the grandstands at the exact moment this panoramic photo was taken! Detroit sports fans, this amazing collector's item belongs in a nice frame in a prominent place on your wall. Perfect for home, office or clubhouse!

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