Cincinnati Reds Great American Ballpark First Pitch (2003) Panoramic Poster Print - Everlasting

Cincinnati Reds Great American Ballpark First Pitch (2003) Panoramic Poster Print - Everlasting

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Publisher: Everlasting Images Inc., released April 2003
Size: 13½" x 39" Panorama
Condition: Brand New. Printed on high-quality photographic paper stock.

Item #: EI126

First Pitch
March 31, 2003
A panoramic view in Cincinnati, Ohio - The Rob Arra Collection
Note the ball in motion

Riverfront Stadium was jam-packed with incredible memories. However, as a cookie-cutter 1970s-era multi-use artificial-turf monstrosity, its time was past. Out with the old, in with the new - for the 2003 season, Cincinnati finally had a real ballpark again!

On a chilly early spring afternoon, the Great American Ballpark opened for its first regular-season action. After a thrilling patriotic pre-game ceremony that featured former President George Bush throwing out the first pitch and New York City's "Singing Policeman" Daniel Rodriguez singing The Star Spangled Banner, the real show was about to begin. With 42,343 fans waiting anxiously in their seats, Pittsburgh Pirates leadoff hitter Kenny Lofton stepped to the plate. As Opening Day starter Jimmy Haynes delivered the first pitch in Great American history...SNAP! The moment is preserved for all-time, and is now available for your wall!

Like all prints in photographer Rob Arra's Everlasting Images series, every detail of the ballpark is in perfect focus, and as you pan across the image you feel like you are actually there. From the riverboat-style gate beyond the centerfield wall, to the classic double-deck bleachers in left, to the massive scoreboard and video display board towering over the park, to the fans in the stands, to the action on the field, it's all here, the entire stadium in all its glory! While Opening Day did not end well for the Reds, the next few weeks would witness a series of spectacular comeback victories that would help establish the new field as a house of horrors for opposing clubs. For fans of the Reds, this historic item is the perfect poster for your wall! Worthy of a nice frame and a prominent place in your home or office.


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