Gleason's New Standard MAP OF THE WORLD (1892) 24x36 Wall POSTER Reproduction - Posterservice Inc. 2020

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Publisher: Posterservice Inc.
Size: 24" x 36"
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: PS-11565

Bring your wall alive with the wisdom of the ages - what many believe to be the most accurate map of our Earth! This poster features an incredible quality reproduction of the legendary 1892 Gleason's New Standard Map of the World, as held in the archives of the Boston Public Library. Based on the geographical projections of J.S. Christopher, presumably a retired merchant seaman living at Morden College, London's philanthropic retirement home for elderly old traders, this features what many call the "Flat-Earth" or "Antarctic-Basin" model of our Realm. At the center is the North Pole; surrounding it are the continents and islands, sitting inside one massive sea; all contained within the "South Ice" lands which contain the basin, starting at around 70 degrees South Latitude. A fascinating illustration and world map conception, variations of which were used as the earliest aviation maps, and Allied war planning maps in the 1940s. Could this be the Earth we live on? Hard to tell...but note that airline flight paths from Asia to North America sure make a whole lot more sense here! An amazing piece of history and geography for your wall; and a must-have addition to the wall and collection of any map lover!

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