Pete Maravich "Hawk in Flight" (1971) Atlanta Hawks Premium Poster Print - Photofile Inc.

Pete Maravich "Hawk in Flight" (1971) Atlanta Hawks Premium Poster Print - Photofile Inc.

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Publisher: Photofile Inc.
Size: 20" x 24"
Condition: Brand New.

Item #: PF-L220

To some, Pete Maravich was the best player ever. To others, he was a ball hog who doomed his teams to mediocrity with his selfish play. In truth, he was a flawed but supremely talented superstar, a classic American anti-hero - an individualist, a showman, an anti-establishment artist who burned too quickly and too brightly, found God, and died tragically young. Basketball's answer to James Dean, Lenny Bruce, and Steve Prefontaine, "Pistol" Pete brought acrobatic showmanship to a league whose creativity had been stolen by an upstart competitor, and ushered in a flamboyant new era that brought basketball into the mainstream.

Published exclusively for, this brilliant poster features a classic, archival image of Maravich during his dominating early years, circa 1971 with the team that brought him to the NBA, Atlanta Hawks. Displaying the unique green-and-blue uniform of the day, and his signature floppy socks, this is a perfect example of The Pistol's raw athleticism and creativity as he drives past Lakers Pat Riley and Keith Erickson in a 1971 game at the Forum in Los Angeles. Despite never winning a championship and dying young, Pistol's legacy will live on forever. With this print, you can help hold that legacy high with classic, nostalgic old-school style. The perfect addition to your sports wall-of-fame, and an absolute must for the wall of any Maravich fan!

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