Joe Montana "The Drive of the Decade" (Super Bowl XXIII) Commemorative Poster (1989)

Joe Montana "The Drive of the Decade" (Super Bowl XXIII) Commemorative Poster (1989)

  • USD $49.95
Publisher: Front Row Collectibles, 1994
Size: 14" x 40"
Condition: Brand New, Original Warehouse Stock!

Item #: FR-01

Super Bowl XXIII, January 22, 1989
San Francisco 49ers 20 - Cincinnati Bengals 16

Commemorating one of the greatest fourth-quarter drives in NFL history! It was looking desperate for Bill Walsh's San Francisco 49ers after the Bengals' Jim Breech kicked a tie-breaking field goal with 3:20 remaining in Super Bowl XXIII. But this 49ers quarterback was no ordinary Joe! Starting at his own 8 yard line, Joe Montana proved once again why he was one of the greatest clutch players in the history of sport: two minutes and 48 seconds, 12 plays, 92 yards, and another taste of Super Bowl glory. This spectacular poster gives you a play-by-play breakdown of the "Drive of the Decade" as painted by Official Super Bowl artist Merv Corning (1926-2006). In stunning watercolor realism, you'll re-live the drive-opening pass to Roger Craig; the first down pass to tight end John Frank; the two handoffs and three passes to Roger Craig; the brilliant receptions by game MVP Jerry Rice; and the penultimate moment, Montana's 10-yard pass to John Taylor that made 49er nation erupt in joy!

This beautiful poster is both a beautiful work of poster art for your wall, and a valuable collector's item for the future. Published in 1994 for a now-defunct company called Front Row Collectibles, the majority of the stock was never delivered to the public, and was stranded in a Bay Area warehouse for more than a decade before we obtained them in early 2007. A masterful poster featuring the brilliant work of a masterful artist, commemorating one of the greatest moments in the career of a football magician - how could you go wrong! A must for the wall of any true Niners fan.

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