Emil Zatopek "Dream" (1952 Olympics) Classic Running Poster - Running Past

Emil Zatopek "Dream" (1952 Olympics) Classic Running Poster - Running Past

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Publisher: Running Past, 2003
Size: 20" x 30"
Condition: Brand new.

Item #: RP004

"A runner must run with dreams in his heart."
Prague...Berlin...Paris...London...HELSINKI 1952
Triple Gold Medalist
5,000 Metres, 10,000 Metres, Marathon

He was the runner that made the impossible possible - gold in all three long-distance events! Never before or since has an athlete come close to this legendary achievement - something that could only have been done by a man with immense talent, superior training, and glorious dreams in his heart. Emil Zatopek, the "Czech Locomotive", was the story of the 1952 Helsinki games, and as he crossed the finish line here in the 5,000 Metres Final, he won both the admiration of the huge Finnish crowd, and the awe of runners the world over. The expression on his face is incredible, showing a man who has learned how to push himself to the limits, and beyond!

From Running Past's fantastic historic running series, this poster is perfect for the wall of any track or marathon enthusiast. In beautiful black-and-white, it will inspire you to greater heights with every glance, and will remind you of one of the most incredible performances in Olympic history. The perfect addition to your running wall-of-fame!

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