Vintage Surfers "Tom & Crew, Diamond Head" (Oahu 1930) Poster Print

Vintage Surfers "Tom & Crew, Diamond Head" (Oahu 1930) Poster Print

  • USD $29.95
Publisher: Surfing Artists International, 2005
Size: 26" x 32"
Condition: Brand-new.

Item #: BM-B1635

Take a step back in time, to the earliest days of surfing! In classic, vintage black & white sepia tones, this spectacular print features the work of all-time legend Tom Blake. In addition to being a champion swimmer, a surfing pioneer, and the inventor of the modern surfboard, Blake was the first true surfing photographer, inventing a waterproof case that allowed him to take his camera out on his board and shoot his friends. This poster gives you a huge, clear reproduction of one of his most famous shots, featuring five of his surfing mates riding at Diamond Head off the Oahu coast. Amazing old-school style - a truly unique way to celebrate the sport of surfing for your home or office!

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