Tiananmen Square 1989 "Courage" Poster - Pyramid Posters Inc.

Tiananmen Square 1989 "Courage" Poster - Pyramid Posters Inc.

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Publisher: Pyramid Posters Inc.
Size: 24" x 36"
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Tiananmen Square
June 5th - 1989

It was a brief moment of glory for the forces of freedom, democracy, and goodness. While the Communist government of China was arresting and slaughtering thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators in the center of Beijing, one individual was, for a brief moment, anyway, able to use sheer will and courage to defeat the forces of evil. One of the most famous images of all-time, this poster features the man who, likely at the eventual cost of his life, stood in front of a line of tanks and refused to stand down. As the tanks tried to move around him, he shifted positions to again stand in their way. How did it end? No one knows, as the individual caught on film remains anonymous. However, he is a hero to millions, and a symbol to all who favor freedom and liberty over the socialist forces of tyranny and oppression. Own the moment forever, with this simple, full-sized poster that will remind all who see it: individual acts of courage can shape history!

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