Ronald Reagan Presidential Portrait - Photofile Inc.

Ronald Reagan Presidential Portrait - Photofile Inc.

  • USD $44.95
Publisher: Photofile Inc.
Size: 20" x 24"
Condition: Brand New. Printed on high-quality Kodak Endura photographic stock.

Item #: PF-L201

Oh Ronnie, how we miss thee! From resolving the Iran hostage crisis, to launching the economy from malaise to unprecedented boom, to pushing the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc to the brink of collapse, Ronald Reagan was one of the most beloved, successful, and significant Presidents in American history. For those who wish we could re-live the Reagan Revolution, this spectacular Presidential Portrait belongs on your wall! Perfect for home or office, this official photographic reprint allows you to display your awe and pride in the legendary conservative champion of the 1980s. Published in poster size exclusively for, this historic print is both a rare collector's item, and a stark reminder of a great era in American history!

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