McGwire/Maris "62 Limited Edition" - Victory Dream 1998

McGwire/Maris "62 Limited Edition" - Victory Dream 1998

  • USD $14.95
Publisher: Victory Dream Images, Inc., September 1998
Size: 19" x 27"
Condition: Brand-new.

Item #: MB046

Here's a beauty that you won't find anywhere else! Published just after McGwire hit #62, this poster has some amazing features - a nice artist's rendering of the moment; the date, opponent, and distance of each of Mac's first 62 Home Runs of 1998; gold metallic foil lettering for the "62" and the autograph; a thorough description of the event; and, best of all, an archival photo of Roger Maris stroking #61 in 1961. This is the only poster available that features Maris - it even includes a Roger Maris facsimilie autograph - and is one of the hardest McGwire commemorative posters to find. Each print is individually numbered out of 98,062, making each print a unique collector's item. A beautiful item, and a nice companion piece to any of the photography-based McGwire items!

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