Mark McGwire "70" St. Louis Cardinals Home Run King Poster - Costacos 1998

Mark McGwire "70" St. Louis Cardinals Home Run King Poster - Costacos 1998

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Publisher: Costacos Sports Inc., released October 1998
Size: 23" x 35"
Condition: Brand-New, Original Warehouse Stock.

Item #: CN6481-98

It was a countdown like no other - that 1998 season was unlike anything we'd ever seen before! Thirty-seven years after Roger Maris took down Babe Ruth's record, Maris' mark was clearly in jeopardy, thanks to "Big Mac" - the monster-mashing St. Louis Cardinals' first baseman Mark McGwire, whose Home Run chase captured the imagination of the nation. #20 on May 19th...#30 on June 10...#37 before the All-Star break...#50 on August 20...and then it got really crazy! Before we knew it, Maris was surpassed, and then some. By season's end, it was the magic number of 70 - an unheard-of number never even considered by baseball fans before the McGwire-Sosa mayhem of '98.

This spectacular poster was published just after the regular-season finished back in October 1998, and is the ultimate commemoration of McGwire's record-smashing season. Under the title "Home Run King 70" is a large image of Mark on his way to first base on September 27, after slamming his second homer of the day to give him 70. Also included below are inset action shots of the #70 connection; the #62 record-breaker, and #50 (which made him the first-ever player to slam 50 home runs in two consecutive seasons). Along the left is a listing of each of the 70 homers, listed by date, location, and distance (#14 in Milwaukee, 527 feet, are you kidding me???!?!). A timeless, beautiful design that takes you back to one of the most remarkable seasons in baseball history. Truly one for the ages. Don't miss your chance at this historic piece - only a limited quantity remain in stock. Vintage originals, practically untouched since the day they rolled off the presses back in 1998! A must-have addition to your baseball wall-of-fame.

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