Gray Wolf "Straight From The Heart" Wildlife Art by Jan Bain L/E Lithograph Poster Print - Lumbers Publishing 1997

  • USD $49.95
Publisher: James Lumbers Publishing Ltd., 1997
Size: 22" x 24"
Condition: Brand New! Printed on premium-quality acid-free gallery print stock.

Item #: TCOL-01

A stunning work of wildlife art for your wall and your collection! This amazing piece, entitled "Straight From The Heart", features Canadian illustrator Jan Bain's breathtaking 1997 artwork celebrating the strength, power, and unmatched canine beauty of the Gray Wolf, one of Canada's most fearsome creatures of the wild. With every single hair and whisker in perfect form, you can feel the energy emanating from the picture! This outstanding limited-edition acid-free lithograph was published in 1997 by James Lumbers Publishing Ltd. of Markham, Ontario, and includes an embossed stamp of authenticity that includes the artist's hand-signed autograph and hand-numbering in this 750-piece edition (this listing is for #499/750). Perfectly preserved in our warehouse for more than two decades now, this amazing print will be shipped to you with our time-tested gallery packaging methods to ensure perfect arrival at your door. Don't miss your chance at this one!

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