Boston Celtics "Tip Off" (Fleet Center) - Everlasting Images

Boston Celtics "Tip Off" (Fleet Center) - Everlasting Images

  • USD $21.95
Publisher: Everlasting Images Inc., released 2006
Size: 9.5" x 27" (Small Panorama)
Condition: Brand-New! Printed on high-quality photographic paper stock.

Item #: EI185

Note: "The Rob Arra Collection" Watermark on the image here is for online copyright purposes only, and will NOT appear on the print you receive!

Tip Off - Boston
A Panoramic View in Boston, Massachusetts
The Rob Arra Collection

Step into Boston's basketball paradise, during one of the greatest seasons in recent Celtics history! This rare, spectacular print features the inside of the electric Fleet Center at the start of the 2002 First Round Playoff series against the Philadelphia 76ers. As Tony Battie and Dikembe Mutombo get ready to rise for the tip...SNAP! The moment is preserved for all-time, and is now available for your wall!

With picture-perfect clarity, The Rob Arra Collection presents all that is Fleet Center for your wall and your collection. From the action on the court below, to the fans filling every last seat, to the scoreboards and video screens, it's all here, in perfect focus and brilliant color. Whether you remember that year's memorable run to the Eastern Conference Finals, are a fan who loves the Celtics or the players on the court (Battie, Kenny Anderson, Paul Pierce, Antoine Walker, Eric Williams, Derrick Coleman, Matt Harpring, Allen Iverson, Mutombo, Eric Snow), this item is for you! A must-have collector's item for the wall of any fan, perfect for a nice frame and a prominent place on the wall of home or office.

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