Banff Springs Hotel Aerial Panorama (c.1947) Poster Reprint - Eurographics Inc.

Banff Springs Hotel Aerial Panorama (c.1947) Poster Reprint - Eurographics Inc.

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Publisher: Eurographics Inc.
Size: 20" x 30"
Condition: Brand New! Printed on premium-quality giclee stock.

Item #: EU1700P-10103

In the Canadian Rockies
A Canadian Pacific Hotel

Bring your wall alive with a classic poster of a classic destination! This spectacular print takes you high above the legendary Banff Springs Hotel circa 1947, with one of the most amazing historic color photographs you'll ever see. Published to promote travel via Canadian Pacific Railways to the Alberta mountain resort, it features an aerial shot of the historic destination, with the golf course, valley, forests, waters, hills, mountains, and glaciers all in view, coming together to provide the awe-inspiring view of a lifetime. Complete with the original fonts of the era, this is a time-machine back to a golden era in North American travel. Reproduced in impeccable color and clarity by the masters at Montreal's Eurographics company, this impossible-to-find classic is perfect for the wall and collection of any fan of Canada, Alberta, and the Rocky Mountains - perfect for home, office, cottage, chalet, or travel agency!

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