Babe Ruth "The Sultan of Swat" (c.1929) New York Yankees Poster - NYGS

Babe Ruth "The Sultan of Swat" (c.1929) New York Yankees Poster - NYGS

  • USD $29.95
Publisher: New York Graphic Society, 2003
Size: 24" x 32"
Condition: Brand-New. Printed on high-quality gallery stock.

Item #: NY30556

The Bambino...the original Bronx Bomber...The Sultan of Swat, George Herman "Babe" Ruth! This amazing poster features a classic archival sepia-tone photographic image from the prime of The Babe's legendary career, when he was the most recognizable man in America. Through his larger-than-life personality and unprecedented baseball feats, Ruth became a hero to millions during his 15 years with the New York Yankees, and helped create a legend that survives to this very day!

With a fantastic backdrop of a 1920s-era ballpark, a simple white-bordered design, and the classic hip-twisting Ruthian power stroke, this is the ultimate print for the wall of any golden-era baseball fan. Perfect for home or office, this old-time Yankees poster will make your wall come alive with the legends of a long-lost era. An absolute classic image of the original Home Run King! Note: this item is now out-of-print; limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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