Steve Prefontaine "Guts" Commemorative Running Poster - Sports Poster Warehouse

Steve Prefontaine "Guts" Commemorative Running Poster - Sports Poster Warehouse

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Publisher:, released June 2001
Size: 22" x 28"
Condition: Brand new!

Item #: PSA-005

The title says it all - this man was pure Guts! Steve Prefontaine ran with a unique combination of talent, desire and intensity that made him one of America's greatest track athletes of all-time, and a hero to countless young runners who hope to follow in his footsteps.

This poster is the ultimate commemorative to the man they called Pre. It features not only a stunning, classic image from the University of Oregon archives, but a complete listing of Pre's career outdoor track results, dating back to his first high school meet! A great reference for fans, and a great way to fully appreciate his career, the list includes meet, location, distance, date, time, and finish (most of them 1st Place, of course). The incredible sepia-tone image is from one of Pre's earliest races at Hayward Field in Eugene, bringing back memories of the freshman "Rube" who always ran in front and quickly stole the hearts of Oregon's fanatical track fans. Everything is in sharp focus, and when you view the poster up close you'll see surprisingly vivid detail (including, believe it or not, empty seats at the far end of the grandstand!)

Designed and produced by as an in-house exclusive, you will be thrilled to add this amazing photo-quality print to your running wall-of-fame. Enjoy!

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