UFC #32, #34, #35 Official Event Poster Reproductions Set (13"x19") - Pyramid America

UFC #32, #34, #35 Official Event Poster Reproductions Set (13"x19") - Pyramid America

  • USD $34.95
Publisher: Pyramid America Inc., under license from UFC.
Size: Three Individual Posters, 13" x 19" Each
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: PP-UFC032-034-035

Take a step back in time, to the legendary early days of the UFC! Bring your walls and collection alive with this historic set of three prints, giving you reproductions of the official fight bill posters for UFC #32, #34, and #35. Part of Pyramid America's officially-licensed UFC reproductions collection, each poster is reproduced to perfection on premium gallery stock to a standard size of 13" x 19" (12" x 18" art with a half-inch white border on all four sides). All three will be delivered to you for one low price, packaged together in one secure container, guaranteed to arrive quickly and in perfect condition at your door!

This set of three takes you back to just the third fight night held after the UFC was taken over by Zuffa LLC, the Dana White-fronted company that took the circuit from the brink of bankruptcy, to the heights of the sporting universe. UFC #32, "Showdown in the Meadowlands", was held on June 29, 2001 at Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey. The poster features the headline bout between Tito Ortiz and Elvis Sinosic, and is also notable for the appearance of the World Trade Center Twin Towers in the background, less than three months before the 9/11 attacks that took them down.

Second, you get UFC #34, "High Voltage", held Friday, November 2, 2001, the first event held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. In an electric, patriotic design, this one features the headline heavyweight battle between Randy Couture and Pedro Rizzo, as well as welterweight champion Carlos Newton.

Third, you get UFC #35, from Friday, January 11, 2002 at the Mohegan Sun. This was a star-studded event, unfortunately made famous in hindsight by the flu-like virus that swept through the fight card, making many of the fights a little lackluster. Jens Pulver, BJ Penn, Chuck Liddell, Ricco Rodriguez, Kevin Randleman, Ricardo Almeida, Shonie Carter and Gil Castillo all appear on this all-star poster.

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