Brett Favre "Farewell" (2006) Green Bay Packers Premium Poster Print - Photofile

Brett Favre "Farewell" (2006) Green Bay Packers Premium Poster Print - Photofile

  • USD $59.95
Publisher: Photofile Inc., released March 2008
Size: 20" x 24"
Condition: Brand New. Printed on high-quality photographic stock.

Item #: PF-L254

A truly iconic image, from the end of an era! Say farewell in style with this spectacular print, featuring the great Brett Favre leaving the field at Lambeau Field as a player for, what we all thought that day, would be the final time. From the final home game of the 2006 season (Thursday, December 21, a 9-7 victory over the Minnesota Vikings), this print gives you the career and style of the long-time Packers QB in a nutshell: the toughness, as witnessed by the broad shoulders and mud-caked uniform; the adoration, as witnessed by the masses of fans still present on a cold December night at the end of a meaningless game between non-playoff teams; the greatness, as witnessed by the throngs of photographers twisting themselves into pretzels as they aim for a good shot of a departing hero; and the class, as witnessed by Brett's acknowledgement of the great fans of Wisconsin. Published in poster size exclusively for, this spectacular photographic-quality print will add the ultimate touch to your sports wall-of-fame, and will have all your friends asking: where did you get that poster?!? Complete with official NFL Properties serialized hologram, this is a beautiful piece of photographic sports art, a classic historical document, and a valuable collector's item for years to come! Perfect for home, office, or locker room. Note: limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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