London 2012 Olympic Mascots Official Posters - Pyramid (UK)

London 2012 Olympic Mascots Official Posters - Pyramid (UK)

  • USD $24.95
Publisher: Pyramid International (UK), released Fall 2010
Size: 2 Individual Posters, 24" x 36" Each
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: PP32316-7

A North American exclusive from! Bring your wall alive with the official mascots of the London 2012 Olympic Games! Published by world-renowned Leicester-based poster and print company Pyramid International, this officially-licensed set features the official posters of the 2012 Summer Olympiad's cheeky mascots, "Wenlock" and "Manderville". Each poster features the mascot's official portrait breaking out of an exploding-glass design, along with the official games logo, mascot name, and each mascot participating in three different sports. Complete with IOC holographic adhesives for licensing authenticity, this official item is both a beauty for your wall, and a valuable collector's item for years to come. Olympic posters are always published in limited quantity, so don't miss your chance at this one - available on a first-come, first-served basis. A must for the wall and collection of any Olympics enthusiast!

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