Tim Lincecum "Action" San Francisco Giants Poster - Costacos 2009

Tim Lincecum "Action" San Francisco Giants Poster - Costacos 2009

  • USD $14.95
Publisher: Costacos Sports, 2009
Size: 22.25" x 34"
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: CN4964-09

Call him "The Franchise", call him "The Freak", call him whatever you want - but when you go 18-5 for a team that loses 90 games, and lead the league in strikeouts despite a short stature and skinny build, we can all agree to call him Cy! This spectacular poster celebrates the unique style and pitching greatness of the 2008 Cy Young Award Winner, Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants. With a slick design that includes the perfect action shot of Tim on the mound during one of his home starts, this is both a beauty for your wall, and, as his first-ever poster release, a valuable collector's item for years to come! A must-have addition to your sports wall-of-fame. Note: this design is now out-of-print; limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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