Shawn Kemp "Rookie Slam" (1990) Seattle Supersonics Poster - Marketcom/SI

Shawn Kemp "Rookie Slam" (1990) Seattle Supersonics Poster - Marketcom/SI

  • USD $49.95
Publisher: Marketcom Inc., under license from Sports Illustrated, 1990
Size: 23" x 35"
Condition: Brand-New.

Item #: MC7337

Despite only starting in one game during as a 20-year-old rookie in 1989-90, few players have made a bigger impact on the NBA than Shawn Kemp did in his premier season. With unbridled athleticism, style, and a flair for the dramatic, Kemp dazzled fans with off-the-bench highlight-reel slams nearly every night, and thrilled all with his out-of-nowhere performance in the All-Star Slam-Dunk contest. This incredible poster features one such thrilling dunk from that season, as he reaches high above the rim to flush for two over a defeated James Worthy. For long-time fans who remember the good old days of Shawn and the early-1990s Seattle Sonics, this is for you! Like all posters in the vast old Sports Illustrated series (1978-93), this one features awesome photography from the SI staff, a simple, sharp design, and the player's facsimilie autograph right on the print! Note: this poster is long out-of-print; limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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