Boston Red Sox Historic Art Collage (1941-86) Wall Poster - Bill Goff Inc. 1998

Boston Red Sox Historic Art Collage (1941-86) Wall Poster - Bill Goff Inc. 1998

  • USD $29.95
Publisher: Bill Goff Inc., 1998
Size: 22" x 28"
Condition: Brand-New, Original Warehouse Stock!

Item #: BG-002

Red Sox fans, you must have this on your wall! This incredible, classy poster features reproductions of seven beautiful paintings commissioned as part of the Bill Goff Fine Art Baseball Portfolio, featuring classic moments from throughout Fenway history:

1941 - "Vintage Fenway Flannel" (Classic Locker, by Bill Williams)
1946 - "Fenway Park Gold" (Vintage Fenway panorama featuring the Bourdreau Shift on Ted Williams, by Andy Jurinko)
1955 - "Ted Williams, 1955" (The Splendid Splinter's classic batting stroke, by Andy Jurinko)
1960 - "Splendid Fenway Finale" (Ted Williams' final at-bat - a Home Run!, by Bill Purdom)
1967 - "Triple Crown Clout" (Carl Yastrzemski's 44th Home Run, by Bill Purdom)
1975 - "Classic Fenway Clout" (Carlton Fisk pushing his Game 6 longball fair, by Bill Purdom)
1986 - "Rocket's Red Glare" (Roger Clemens strikes out 20 Seattle Mariners, by Bill Purdom)

Each picture includes a full historical commentary, and identifies each player pictured in the frame. Perfect for home or office, this gorgeous poster is a great conversation piece, bringing back memories of a lifetime. Great work by the folks at Bill Goff! Note: this poster is now long out-of-print; limited quantity remains in our warehouse.

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