Nolan Ryan "The 5000K Pitch" Texas Rangers MLB Poster - Starline 1989

Nolan Ryan "The 5000K Pitch" Texas Rangers MLB Poster - Starline 1989

  • USD $44.95
Publisher: Starline Inc., 1989
Size: 22¼" x 34½"
Condition: Brand-New!

Item #: MB036

The King of K's, Nolan Ryan, holder of the all-time strikeout record that may never be broken! Ryan was still going strong when, well past his 42nd birthday, he struck out Rickey Henderson of the Oakland A's for his 5,000th career K. Nolan struck out an incredible 301 that season, and four years later ended his career with 5,714. Yet the magic 5,000 mark was something that was never reached before, and was a number that amazed fans everywhere!

To celebrate that historic strikeout, Starline and photographer Mark Toulouse produced this spectacular, rare poster, "The 500K Pitch!". Featuring a unique overhead shot of the entire field at old Arlington Stadium, an inset shot of Ryan waving his hat to the crowd, and the classic Starline solid-bordered design of the day. The photo detail is great - you can clearly see Rickey swinging and missing, Ryan's follow-through, the crowd on its feet, even the message on the scoreboard! A great collector's item of a great baseball moment, and one of the game's all-time #1 flamethrower. According to the photographer, only 5,000 copies of this poster were ever produced, and we have a very small quantity remaining in our warehouse. Don't miss your chance at this one!

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