New York Islanders "Legends" Art Prints Combo (Bossy, Potvin)

New York Islanders "Legends" Art Prints Combo (Bossy, Potvin)

  • USD $19.95
Publisher: Canada Post, 2001-2005
Size: 2 Individual Prints, Size 11" x 14" Each
Condition: Brand-New, Quality Art Prints.

Item #: CPO-04

A beautiful way to start your own wall-of-fame! This amazing item features two legendary Hall of Fame superstars from the glorious 4-in-a-row era of the early 1980s. Originally published as part of an ongoing series by Canada Post in the early-2000s in coordination with official postage stamp releases, these amazing prints feature arguably the two greatest New York Islanders of all-time: defensive legend Denis Potvin, and record-setting sniper Mike Bossy. Printed in vivid color and detail to the ultra-high standards of the Canada Post Corporation, these brilliant 11" x 14" prints are perfect for framing individually or as a group, or simply as rare and unique items to add to your collection. Limited quantity remains in our warehouse; once they're gone, they're gone!

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