Montreal Expos Vintage Original MLB Theme Art Poster - ProMotions Inc. 1971

Montreal Expos Vintage Original MLB Theme Art Poster - ProMotions Inc. 1971

  • USD $249.95
Publisher: ProMotions Inc., 1971
Size: 23" x 29"
Condition: Professionally-preserved, never used, original warehouse stock!

Item #: MB016

Whether you are a long-time Expos fan, or a collector of the old ProMotions series - don't miss out on this one! One of the most difficult to find in the fantastic old series of team-and-city-inspired theme art posters that many of you had on your walls when you were a kid, this is from the early days of the wonderful band of underdogs of Parc Jarry that earned the love of an entire province. From Gene Mauch's improving squad of mediocre veterans and promising youngsters with loads of heart (remember John Bateman, Ron Fairly, Ron Hunt, Bob Bailey, Rusty Staub, Boots Day, Coco Laboy, John Boccabella, Bill Stoneman, Steve Renko, Mike Marshall, Claude Raymond...), this is retro 1970s style at its finest! An original from those great years at old Jarry Park, this rare piece of memorabilia will bring back those great old memories with spectacular vintage style that includes the uniform and logo style, a series of Montreal landmarks, and some blazing baseball action. Aside from a little yellowing with age and minor handling imperfections, this has been preserved just like you would have bought it at the store over 50 years ago! Don't miss your chance to add this one to your collection, a real beauty for your wall and your collection!

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