Classic Golf Art "Missed" Poster by Norman Rockwell - Haddad's

Classic Golf Art "Missed" Poster by Norman Rockwell - Haddad's

  • USD $29.95
Publisher: Haddad's Fine Art
Size: 17" x 21"
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: BT-5494

He was America's greatest folk artist - Norman Rockwell, an illustrator who brought the spirit of the country alive for the world to see! Sports were a recurring theme in Rockwell's career, and this is one of his many works centered around the game of golf. From his "Sporting Boys" series comes "Missed!", this hilarious look at four motley pre-teen kids goofing off on the golf course. From the always-serious bespectacled one who never quite gets it right, to the snarky sidekick enjoying his defeat, to the athletic jock cheering his pal on, to the little brother tagging along on this hot summer's afternoon, this work of art perfectly captures the joys of boyhood in 20th century America, and the love of the game of golf. A rare print for your wall and your collection!

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