Mike Cammalleri "Signature" Premium Felt Pennant L.E. /2,009

Mike Cammalleri "Signature" Premium Felt Pennant L.E. /2,009

  • USD $19.95
Publisher: WinCraft Inc.
Size: 12" x 30" Triangular Felt Pennant
Condition: Brand New! Durable "Roll-it-and-Go" Felt Fabric.

Item #: WI-PP-363

Own a rare and beautiful collector's item, celebrating the Canadiens' super-sniping center! This brilliant pennant, from Wincraft Inc.'s limited-edition Signature Series, commemorates the amazing Mike Cammalleri with style and flair. With rare game-action photography, amazing graphics, a facsimile autograph from Mike himself, and an attached card printed with a serial number /2,009 to give each pennant individualized collectability, this is both a beauty for your wall, and a valuable collector's item for years to come. Part of WinCraft's premium pennant line, the clear and brilliant photography and graphics are printed on a revolutionary soft-and-durable "Roll-it-and-Go" felt that can be tucked tightly away if necessary, and look just as good when unfurled again, ensuring your pennant will continue to look great and last a lifetime. A must-have addition to the wall of any fan, and a valuable collector's item that won't last long. A print run of 2,009? Ridiculously rare!

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