Mesut Ozil "Matchday" (2011/12) - G.E. (Spain)

Mesut Ozil "Matchday" (2011/12) - G.E. (Spain)

  • USD $19.95
Publisher: G.E. (Spain), released February 2012
Size: 24" x 36"
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: GE-GPE4531

Bring your wall alive with der neue Diego! This amazing poster features Germany's superstar midfielder Mesut Ozil, looking spectacular in gameday action for Real Madrid during the 2011/12 La Liga season. Complete with the official Real Madrid logo crest, this is both a beauty for your wall, and a valuable collector's item for years to come. A rare, exclusive import, direct from Spain - own the posters the locals own!

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