Manchester United "Promised Land" (European Cup Champions 1999) Commemorative Poster - UK

Manchester United "Promised Land" (European Cup Champions 1999) Commemorative Poster - UK

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Publisher: Published in England, released Fall 1999
Size: 19½" x 27½"
Condition: Brand-New.

Item #: UK-281

Exclusive import from The Sports Poster Warehouse, featuring the most creative Manchester United poster design we have ever seen! Photos from that legendary Euro Cup Championship game night...dramatic text...awesome absolute classic! Grab yours now - limited quantity remains in stock!

90.18 Can Manchester United score...They always score. The big goalie's going up for the corner. Beckham in towards Schmeichel, It's come to Dwight Yorke...cleared, Giggs with a shot... SHERINGHAM!!

90.38 Name on the Trophy...Teddy Sheringham with 30 seconds of added time played has equalised. They are still in the European Cup... Oh Teddy, Teddy. Extraordinary climax here in the Nou Camp Stadium. As things stand we will go into extra time...unless Ole Solskjaer can conjure up's a corner. You have to feel this is their year. Schmeichel's not coming up for this, he's done enough.

92.13 Is this their moment, Beckham into Sheringham... and SOLSKJAER HAS WON IT!

92.36 Manchester United have reached the promised land. How must Lothar Matthaus be feeling...with the greatest respect, who cares! 93.25 Is that it... or is there something more? 93.34 History is made. MANCHESTER UNITED are the CHAMPIONS of EUROPE. Everything their hearts desired...down and out, not a bit of it...they are never out. Memories are made of this for ever and a day. For years to come United fans will ask where were you when United won the 1999 European Cup final.

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