Jimmie Johnson "Jimmie Nation" (2011) 3'x5' Flag - BSI

Jimmie Johnson "Jimmie Nation" (2011) 3'x5' Flag - BSI

  • USD $35.95
Publisher: BSI Products Inc., 2011
Size: 36" x 60" (three feet by five feet)
Condition: Brand New! Manufactured in free and democratic Taiwan (not China!)

Item #: BSI-48211

Action, style, team colors, and sponsors' marks - this one has it all, the official flag of Jimmie Nation! This giant, beautiful item, part of BSI's premium-quality NASCAR flag collection, features everything Jimmie on both sides of a heavy-duty three-by-five-foot 150 denier polyester flag, equipped with interior liner for identical viewing from either side and a reinforced headband with two grommets for easy flying. From the gigantic reproduction of his roaring 2011 Lowe's Chevy Impala, to the giant facsimile autograph, to the huge #48, to the official Hendrick Motorsports and Team Lowe's logos, it's all here! A bold, brilliant flag that will last for ages and fill that giant space on your wall or outside your home - the perfect tribute to the fan-favorite superstar!

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