Jackson Hole "Cody Bowl" Skiing - Focus Productions 2002

Jackson Hole "Cody Bowl" Skiing - Focus Productions 2002

  • USD $9.95
Publisher: Focus Productions, 2002
Size: 18" x 24"
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: FP-02

Blue skies, tall peaks, and fresh white powder at one of North America's premier skiing destinations - this is poster perfection! This spectacular piece features four professional skiers, including three-time Austrian Olympic medalist Pepi Stiegler (now Jackson Hole's Director of Skiing), blazing an early-morning trail down Cody Bowl, with Cody Peak looking spectacularly beautiful in the background. For anyone who has spent thrilling times on the slopes at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, or for anyone who simply loves the freewheeling brilliance of this beautiful image, this poster is a must for your wall!

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