Face Off by Ken Danby Hockey Art Poster Print - Ken Danby Studios

Face Off by Ken Danby Hockey Art Poster Print - Ken Danby Studios

  • USD $49.95
Publisher: Ken Danby Studios Canada, 1998
Size: 22" x 30"
Condition: Brand New!

Item #: KD-03

Here it is - the moment of anticipation at the start of a big game, when every hockey fan's heart skips a beat! The late Ken Danby's 1997 painting puts you right in the middle of the big-time action. In Danby's words:

"The idea for this work developed in my mind over a number of years, and changed considerably as I pursed it. My teammates with the 'Guelph Goodtimers' posed for me a number of times in the process. However, just as the goalie in my painting 'At the Crease' doesn't represent any identifiable player, neither do the players or referee represented here.

Initially, my interest focused only on the two stick blades and the referee's hand holding the puck. However, as the concept expanded I had to keep asking my teammates to pose again and again, and eventually created the full figures. Finally, I decided to include the fans as well and painted in an entire audience of anonymous faces. But while the anonymity of the main figures pleased me, the background faces lacked interest. So, once again the work dictated a change, and I responded with an audience consisting of various friends and family.

It's really a composite of so many things that collectively reflect my love for the game."

Hockey fans, here's your chance to own your very own copy of this historic work of art, at a very reasonable price. The perfect addition to your hockey wall!

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