DVD: "Youngblood" (1986 Hockey Movie)

DVD: "Youngblood" (1986 Hockey Movie)

  • USD $19.95
Publisher: MGM DVD
Size: Running Time: 110 Minutes
Condition: Brand-New!

Item #: DVD005

Box Text: ROB LOWE AND PATRICK SWAYZE WILL POWER-SKATE INTO YOUR HEART! Are you ready for exhilarating speed, invigorating competition, and skating so sharp-edged you can feel the ice spraying in your face? Then prepare yourself for "Youngblood"! Showcasing the talents of Lowe ("Bad Influence", "The West Wing") and Swayze ("Roadhouse", "Ghost"), "Youngblood" is fist-flying, stick-smashing, body-checking thrills right up to the final buzzer! Seventeen-year-old Dean Youngblood (Lowe) has out-skated just about everybody since he was six. Now he's set his sights toward National Hockey League fame with the ragtag Hamilton Mustangs, an amateur Canadian team just across the border from his family's farm. Certain that his swift moves on the ice will dazzle the crowds, Dean quickly learns that his speed and finesse won't pack enough punch against the bad boys of the league, the Thunder Bay Bombers. And when the Mustang's top goal-maker (Swayze) gets knocked out, Dean has to turn from rookie to all-star - fast! Special Feature: Original Theatrical Trailer. Widescreen Format 1.85:1.

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