DVD: "The Rocket, Maurice Richard" (2005 Film) DVD

DVD: "The Rocket, Maurice Richard" (2005 Film) DVD

  • USD $29.95
Publisher: Manufactured and distributed by Alliance Atlantis, 2006
Size: Running Time: Approx. 124 Minutes
Condition: Brand-New.

Item #: DVD051

Re-live the legend of hockey's ultimate scoring machine! One of the best Canadian films of all-time, "The Rocket" traces the life of Quebec's greatest hockey star ever, Maurice Richard, through a golden age of hockey, and a tumultuous era in the French-Canadian province's history. With some of the most well-staged vintage hockey scenes you'll ever see, you'll get the whole story of the Montreal Canadiens legend through the vision of writer Ken Scott, and director Charles Binamé. A beautiful tribute to old-time hockey!

Box Text:
"Maurice Richard had a dream to play in the National Hockey League. Through hardships and hard work, he became a hero. This film is the extraordinary true story of the man they called The Rocket, who led a team to greatness, inspired a generation, gave passion to his country and brought a national sport to the world. THE BEST SPORTS DRAMA SINCE RAGING BULL! (Yves Beaupré, Infoculture). Starring Roy Dupuis, Stephen McHattie, Julie le Breton, Philip Craig. Special guest appearances by Mike Ricci, Vincent Lecavalier, Stephane Quintal, Mathieu Dandenault, Sean Avery, Ian Laperriere."

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