DVD SET: Canada Cup 1976 4-Disc Collector's Edition Set

DVD SET: Canada Cup 1976 4-Disc Collector's Edition Set

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Publisher: Manufactured and distributed by Video Service Corp., released December 2005
Size: 2
Condition: Brand-New.

Item #: DVD036

Re-live the first great All-Star International hockey tournament, in all its original glory! On the heels of the legendary 1972 Summit Series, the NHL players invited Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Finland, and USA to join in on the Canada-Russia party, and began the Canada Cup tradition that continued in 1981, 1984, 1987, and 1991. For the first time, original broadcast footage from this historic tournament is available on DVD! In this four-disc collector's set, you get a one-hour highlight film covering the entire tournament, and the complete original Canadian television broadcasts (minus commercials and intermissions) of six of Canada's seven games played: round-robin victories over USA (4-2), Sweden (4-0) and the Soviet Union (3-1), a shocking round-robin loss to Czechoslovakia (1-0), the blowout 6-0 victory over the Czechs in Game 1 of the best-of-3 final, and finally, one of the greatest International games of all-time, the dramatic 5-4 overtime victory in Game 2 to clinch the championship. From the heroic performances of Czech goaltender Vladimir Dzurilla, to the brilliance of Canada's Hall-of-Famer-packed roster, to the MVP performance of Bobby Orr in his only International tournament appearance, to the dramatic OT goal by Darryl Sittler, it's all here, in all its 1970s glory, looking as great as it did the days it was broadcast back in '76! Limited to a production run of only 30,000 individually-numbered editions, this rare item will not last long. With hours of classic footage you won't find anywhere else, this is an absolute must-have addition to your hockey DVD collection! Bonus: includes 4½"x6" reproduction of the original Canada Cup 1976 Official Program! Special Features Include: Commentary by Bobby Clarke and Denis Potvin; French documentary; Statistics package; Photo gallery. Note: two versions of the cover were produced. We are selling the more popular version (Bobby Orr, as shown) only.

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