DVD: "Net Worth" (1995) - Morningstar/CBC

DVD: "Net Worth" (1995) - Morningstar/CBC

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Publisher: Manufactured and distributed by Morningstar Entertainment/CBC
Size: Running Time: Approx. 92 Minutes
Condition: Brand-New.

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The greatest old-time hockey docudrama ever made! From the perfectly-recreated period uniforms, to the uncompromising portraits of the superstars and moguls of the day, "Net Worth" gives you a rare inside look at the legendary Original Six-era in the NHL. Originally broadcast to rave reviews on Canada's national CBC Television Network back in 1995, this amazing film has practically remained locked away in a vault ever since, and as far as we know, has never aired outside of Canada. Here's your chance to not only view this rare gem, but to own it as part of your sports DVD collection for all-time! The DVD also includes a rare exclusive interview with Detroit Red Wings legend Ted Lindsay, who, portrayed brilliantly by actor Aidan Devine, is the central character in the film.

Box Text:
"Based on a true story, Net Worth blows the lid off the image of the "golden era" of the National Hockey League, to reveal the bloody battles and hard knocks dealt the players off the ice.

Ted Lindsay, Detroit Red Wings captain and nine time NHL All-Star put up the fight of his life after being refused a request for a modest raise and seeing a former teammate reduced to living in his car. Linday headed a small group of men who risked their careers to take on the czars of the NHL by organizing the first players' association. Trying his best to keep up his own morale in the face of coercion and threats from those who sought to crush him, he valiantly fought for his career and that of his teammates.

It's the story of ruthless men who would destroy careers in order to hide the millions of dollars they were making off the sweat and toil of others and, more than anything else, taking advantage of the players' love of the game.

In this larger-than-life David vs. Goliath conflict, Lindsay takes on the powerbrokers of the NHL - Jack Adams, Detroit Red Wings General Manager; Conn Smythe, Maple Leafs' owner; Clarence Campbell, league president; and Jimmy Norris, owner of the Chicago Blackhawks and the man who controlled the league - forever changing the face of Canada's national sport.

Producer: Bernie Zuckerman. Director: Jerry Ciccoritti. Writers: Don Truckey, Phil Savath, David Cruise and Alison Griffiths.
Cast: Ted Lindsay: Aidan Devin. Gordie Howe: Kevin Conway. Milton Mound: R.H. Thomson. Jack Adams: Al Waxman."

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